Principal’s Message

Annual Day 2023 Trinity Academy Krishnagiri 2
Mrs. E.Sheeba Catherine

Dear teachers, parents and students, 

It gives me immense pleasure to keep before you what has been told and some not made known.  

We at Trinity stands for transformation-physical, mental and spiritual.  Our team work has paid immense dividends in terms of our students’ achievements in the fields of sports, games and co-curricular activities of varied kind.  We concluded the year 2024-25 with the Graduation Ceremony and Founder’s Day celebrations graced by our beloved Kim Amma.  God made it possible for her to make it exactly on time.  She was too glad to witness the progress of the children in all realms of personality development. She left for Korea after dedicating the new basket ball court complex.  The results of the 5rd batch of Class X in the board exams were excellent.  

It was heartening to note that the admission season has seen lot of parents reiterating their trust in us.  They in fact, lot of new children to our fold.  We had our student leaders take oath of office during ‘Investiture Ceremony’. They are surprising us every day with their ingenuity and creativity.  The most important one is ‘Cleanliness Report’.  The classes are vying with each other to find a mention in the report.  There is a steep progress in overall upkeep of students’ personal grooming and upkeep of their environs.  Our students did not disappoint us in the ‘Mango Exhibition’. Dr. Kim was here at that time and he watched our children participate in the Science Exhibition.  He is planning to make the next one with Robotics and Coding specific.  Sports Day was a context to discover our talent in the field events.  We are using all the available infrastructure to meet the students’ aspirations.  Saturday last periods are a treat to watch as a festive atmosphere descends on Trinity.

Our students participated in Independence Day celebrations by showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Dravidian legacy.   So far, the KG classes and Classes I and II completed two rounds of monthly programmes.  We are uploading some of their excerpts for your scrutiny.  The astounding success was the Fancy Dress Competition of all the classes upto Class 2.  The zeal and enthusiasm of parents in training and equipping their wards was praise worthy.  

We are excited to share with you that this coming Christmas Day program is intended to bring in real and permanent change for better in your wards.  The theme is going to be very unique and inspirational.  Please wait for the occasion to unfold all the thrill of witnessing your children on the stage with life’s most valuable lessons. 

Apart from this, we were conducting a variety of enrichment programmes for our faculty all along.  Without them, we could not have achieved what is there for you to measure.  We salute these devoted teachers.  As parents, you have stood with us in the test of times and we trust that the same trust remains entrusted till we help you see your child a transformed entity through education.

E.Sheeba Catherine