Code of Discipline

1. Students are expected to be inside their class rooms 10 minutes before the 1st Bell. The late comers will be appropriately punished if they have not taken prior permission from the Class Teacher / P.E. Teacher.

2. Any student desiring to be exempted from assembly, P.E.T or Games must produce a doctor’s certificate to the effect that he/she is physically unfit to take part.

3. Students infected with measles, mumps, chickenpox and other infectious diseases will not be allowed to attend the school until they are medically declared free from infection.

4. Parents/Guardian should come personally to the school if they want to take the students during the session or  the student should produce a request letter regarding this duly signed by his Parents/Guardian.

5. Students are not allowed to receive phone calls or visitors during the class hours.

6. Students should bring the books as per the Time-Table. The books should be maintained properly throughout the academic year.

7. Students should not bring/wear valuable articles to the school (specially gold ornaments).

8. The school is not responsible for the loss or misplacement of any books or articles/materials inside or outside the school premises.

9. Parents / Guardians are allowed to observe classes with a prior consent.

10. When communicating with the H.M., Parents are requested to mention the child’s full name, the class & section in which he/she is studying.

11. It is compulsory for all the students to take part in the designated activities and to attend all the functions arranged by the school authorities.

12. To acquire a greater command over English, it is important that English should be spoken in the school premises. All are expected to speak in English in the School as the medium of instruction is English.

13. Please inform the school authorities if your child is allergic to any food or medicines.

14. Parents will not be encouraged to take the children during the normal working hours unless it is an emergency.

15. A student will be eligible to appear in the session ending examination if he/she has completed 75% attendance.

16. The period of leave with reason should be recorded in the student’s diary by the Parent with the signature.

17. Leave letter should be submitted to the H.M. if the leave of absence is for 3 or more days.

18. A medical certificate must be furnished if the period of leave extends 7 days on medical grounds.

19. The Parent / Guardian should come personally and collect the marks card after each test / examination on the given date only.

20. Parent / Guardian should give an application to the school paying the prescribed fee to obtain a T.C.

21. Transfer Certificate will be given after 5 days of the receipt of the application.

22. Transfer Certificate will be issued only after clearing the entire amount due.