Brief History

Trinity” stands for the triune God – the Creator, the Redeemer and the Sustainer. God the Father of all, gave a vision to Ms. Yeong Je Kim  from South Korea when she came to Tamil Nadu in the 1980’s as a student in Stella Maris College, Chennai, about the need for providing quality education in rural India. Miss. Kim, chose Krishnagiri which then belonged to the erstwhile Dharmapuri District. This district was generally considered as one of the most backward districts of Tamil Nadu, as it had poor ratings in all the Human Development Indicators as per the UNDP data for 1990. Given below are some indicators about Dharmapuri district which moved Ms.Kim’s compassionate heart to take some remedial action for its development.

People below poverty line in Urban area 27.7% and in Rural area 26.6%. Dharmapuri figured last among the districts at the bottom level in many parameters such as HDI and GDI values in life expectancy at birth, vulnerability to AIDS, and in Violence against Women.

As education is a key agent of social transformation, Ms.Kim looked at the educational statistics of this district and found that the dropout rate at standard V level was the highest in the state at 21.93% and at 43.55% at middle school level. So she was motivated to start a school with very good infrastructural facilities and well qualified staff.

Thus came about the founding of Trinity Matriculation School in 1994 which is a unit of Trinity Service Trust. She was ably supported in this venture by educationists such as Ms.Balreddy, the then principal of St.Christopher’s Training College, Chennai, Mr.Aaron, then a Head Master in Panchayat Union School, Madhepalli and other well-wishers from both Korea and India, particularly from Krishnagiri.

Today in 2019, the school stands as a witness to what one dedicated person as Kim Amma can do to transform thousands of lives.

The primary goal of education is intended to be “Love and serve“. Trinity Academy was added in the year 2010.