Cleanliness Fortnight



Dear fellow citizen,

“Cleanliness is next to godliness”. This old adage is more apt and relevant to the present day world
more than ever. Cleanliness is not an event or one time exercise. It is a habit, orientation of life and
personal philosophy. It is very vital to keep ourselves clean, environment around us clean. This will
mitigate, to a large extent, issues of public health and disease. We can save a huge chunk of public
money by being clean and hygienic. By promoting personal hygienic, family cleanliness we can
ensure community health and well being. A sound mind resides in a sound body. In order to
promote these virtues among our young children, Trinity Academy had observed Children’s Fortnight
last year in November. A number of life skills were inculcated, nurtured and developed. To further
the cause, let us join hands and observe ‘Cleanliness Fortnight’. I encourage you to get daily updates
from your wards and also follow us by visiting our school website. Let us make Krishnagiri, green
and clean.

Mrs. M Bharathi Reddy

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