Annual Report

Brief Annual Report 2023-24

Dear Parents and students, 


It gives me immense satisfaction to place before you the eventful year 2023-24 which coincided with the celebrations of the Silver Jubilee of Trinity Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Krishnagiri.  The school has carved a niche for itself in the landscape of Krishnagiri academia.  The Academy came into existence in 2010 as a tool to satisfy the quest of discerning parents to have a different curriculum with wide exposure to their wards.

However, for various reasons beyond the control of the school it could not have affiliation with CBSE.  But it gives me tremendous joy to announce that this will happen in the year 2024-25.

Primary Focus

Trinity Academy has purposefully shifted its focus away from rote memory and embarked on a journey towards personality development.  We started to improve the basic foundation of the students with tremendous efforts on improving reading and mathematical skills in the formative years.

Reading Skills

We started to follow strict regimen of allocating library hours for the KG and Primary classes to improve reading habits.  We added about 2000 books to cater to the reading needs of these classes.  We are happy to announce that the children got used to borrow books and read them.


Leadership Skills

Catch them young’, was our motto in improving the personality of our students.  We not only involved them in improving a sense of discipline, ownership p of the school and also environmental accountability.  Children were to educate others in conserving water, electricity and increase the green cover of the campus.  Organising ‘Monthly Programmes’ were of great utility.  Details of the programmes conducted are given below:

Health & Hygiene

In order to evolve the students as responsible citizens of tomorrow, we insisted on the parents to completely discontinue the practice of distributing chocolates, toffees, cakes even for celebrations. We substituted these with burfis, fruits and homemade snacks.  The Diet Chart made known to the parents was enthusiastically followed. 

Co-curricular Activities

Although academics were given primary importance, the school activities were not limited to it.  A number of competitions were held to increase healthy rivalry for betterment of the children in their quest for improvement in various literary, scientific, art and craft work.  We gave impetus to all round development for the children through a variety of hobbies, formally evolved by enrolling them in the clubs of their choice.  There are about 20 hobby clubs operative in the school. Some other events of importance conducted this year are listed below:

Sports and Games

Conduct of regular games and sports during the school hours as also on non-working days was encouraged.  Sports Day of the KG sections conducted on ….was a big hit this year.


Since we could not have class IX this year we had to bid goodbye to our students who completed their class VIII.  We got a very valuable feedback from the outgoing lot about the value addition Trinity made to their lives during their stay.