A Word to Students

1. Be a regular Scholar. Come to the school in clean and tidy uniform. Let there be a grace and sense of purpose in your work and movement.

2. Don’t do anything which is derogatory to your self-respect. Your work and conduct should be such that it must bring a good name to yourself, your parents and to your school.

3. Always note down your assignments with due diligence. Develop a habit of making your own time table and following it religiously, which will be a most valuable asset in life. Develop the habits of punctuality and regularity.

4. Finish the home work and assignments regularly and on time. If you don’t do them regularly you cannot catch up later.

5. Make it a point to revise the lessons regularly. Weekends should be used for revising the lessons completed during the week.

6. Respect all your elders at home and school. Treat your schoolmates with dignity and take care not to hurt anyone physically or verbally. This will help you to build a lasting and strong relationship in life.

7. Be an active participant in the school activities.