Daily Dose of G.K 18.10.2019

Daily Dose of G.K.18.10.2019
1.Which colour makes snake angry?
2.Where is the temple of Ravana in India?
3.Who invented pendrive?
4.What is the world’s weakest currency?
5.Which is costliest currency in the world?
6.Who made first Indian flag?
7.Which Indian State has its own flag?
8.What is the colour of black box of airplane?
9.Where did azad hind fauj constituted?
10.When did world war I took place?

Yesterday G.K.Question Answers. 18.10.2019
2.Madhya Pradesh
3.Pua khein seng
4.Iranian Rial
5.Kuwaiti Dinar
6.Pingali Venkayya
7.Jammu and Kashmir
10.28July 1914-11 November 1918

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