Daily Dose of G.K.16.10.2019

Daily Dose of G.K.16.10.2019
1.At Which place 1650 kg charkha spinning wheel inaugurated on 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi?
2.The first ever floating Basket Ball Court of India is installed in?
3.India’s 1st e-waste wil be set up in CPCB and Bhopal Municipal corporation together set up India’s 1st e-waste clinic.
4.Who is the World’s youngest decathlon champion?
5.The government of India has launched crackers to Curb air pollution?
6.’Plants for Plastic’Compaign is started by which state?
7.Which Space agency launched the minisatellite Ramansat-2?
8.Which physic scientist was awarded the M P Birla Memorial Award?
9.Who bagged the 2019 U.S open women’s singles tournament?
10.In which railway station was first ever Fun Zone for kids launched?

Yesterday G.K.Question Answers. 16.10.2019
1.Noida uttrapradesh
2.In mumbai 2019
4.21 years old Niklas kaul
5.Green five crackers
7.”United State of America” Satellite made by 17 years old, Aabhaas Sikka
8.Famous physicist, thanu Padmanabhan for his Contribution to the World of Cosmology
9.Bianca Andreesu
10.Vishakapatnam railway station

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